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File #: 17-309    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Agendas Status: Passed
File created: 10/10/2017 In control: Board of Aldermen
On agenda: 10/17/2017 Final action: 10/17/2017
Title: Update on Traffic Calming Plan for Tallyho Trail PURPOSE: The purpose of this agenda item to report on staff's meeting with Fox Meadow residents regarding the specific placement of traffic calming devices along the western half of Tallyho Trail and to discuss options for installations along the eastern half, including the entrance to the road near Staffield Lane.
Attachments: 1. Attachment A - Resolution_Tallyho Trail Traffic Calming, 2. Attachment B - Stage2_10-10-2017, 3. Attachment C - Examples of Landscaped Chokers-Curb Extensions

TITLE: Title

Update on Traffic Calming Plan for Tallyho Trail

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this agenda item to report on staff’s meeting with Fox Meadow residents regarding the specific placement of traffic calming devices along the western half of Tallyho Trail and to discuss options for installations along the eastern half, including the entrance to the road near Staffield Lane. 




CONTACT INFORMATION: Christina Moon - 919-918-7325, Patricia McGuire - 919-918-7327


INFORMATION: The Board of Aldermen received presentations regarding traffic calming on Tallyho Trail on September 27, 2016 and more recently on March 21, 2017.  The September meeting focused on recommendations for Stage 1 traffic calming--education and outreach, while the March 21st meeting included a design for Stage 2-physical improvements in the form of speed tables and mini-roundabouts.  Neighbors expressed concern with the two proposed mini-roundabouts at the Transportation Advisory Board meeting and again at the Board meeting, but supported the use of speed tables.  (Materials from the March meeting may be found here: <>=.)


As part of the resolution for March 21st, the Board approved the overall Stage 2 traffic calming plan allowing for adjustments based on comments from the neighbors and Town Engineer, and requested that staff meet with the neighbors to inform those adjustments.  Planning staff met with a group of residents in late July, and walked much of the western end of Tallyho Trail with a focus on the areas identified for speed tables; the locations for three speed tables were confirmed.  The group agreed that it made sense to postpone the installation of traffic calming devices along the eastern half of the road until the completion of the Rogers Road sewer project, since the line extends through the Fox Meadows neighborhood and underneath Tallyho Trail.  Residents noted, however, the importance of locating at least one more speed table east of the sewer line, near the overhead utility lines, in the vicinity of 1509 and 1515 Tallyho Trail.    

Subsequent to the field visit, planning staff reviewed the proposal with the Town engineer and Fire Department to consider the possibility of designing a mid-block choker between Rogers Road and Staffield Lane that would slow traffic and potentially serve as an attractive stormwater device.  Images showing examples of different types of choker/neck-down/ and curb extension designs including landscaping and/or stormwater features are provided (Attachment C).  It is important to note, that Fire department staff expressed concern with the potential for traffic calming devices, in general, to delay EMS response time, and particularly for residents at the end of the road. 


An updated Stage 2 design has been provided, showing the location of the three confirmed speed tables, the approximate location of the fourth table along with a shaded area over the entrance to Tallyho Trail in the vicinity of Staffield Lane, representing the potential landscaped choker.  Speed tables are shown in the locations confirmed during the summer walkabout-with notations regarding the anticipated Rogers Road sewer installation, and phasing of the work.  A copy of the earlier design, from the March 21st meeting is attached for information only; the mini-roundabouts have been omitted from the proposal (Attachment B).  Additional design work is needed on the entrance segment before that section of the plan is finalized and neighbors in Fox Meadow, Highlands North and Highlands Meadow will need to be alerted about that aspect of the proposal so that their input can be incorporated.  Another potential element of the overall design, and one that also has not yet been discussed with the neighbors, is the possibility of installing sharrows on Tallyho Trail.  A visual cue to remind drivers to be alert of bike-ped users, sharrows can serve as a traffic calming measure as well as encourage cyclists to feel more comfortable on the road. 


Public Works staff can begin the installation of the first three tables along with educational signage this fall.  Staff can also begin to trim vegetation within the right-of-way, particularly in the areas where the road curves, to improve sight lines.  It is worth noting, that the right-of-way for Tallyho Trail is quite a bit wider than the paved travelway, allowing for considerable trimming.  Staff will seek to balance the need for improved visibility while retaining the overall character of the road.   


FISCAL & STAFF IMPACT: Staff is work with Sungate Design and Public Works to finalize costs estimates relating to the different traffic calming devices, but based on the recent installation of speed tables on Blue Ridge Road, the anticipated cost for the three speed tables in the first phase would be approximately $5,000. 


RECOMMENDATION:r Staff recommends that the Board of Aldermen consider the resolution (Attachment A) authorizing staff to install the first three speed tables and signage along the western half of Tallyho Trail, to trim vegetation, and to bring back a plan for the eastern half of Tallyho Trail showing a fourth speed table and an entrance design incorporating a landscaped neck down or curb extension and/or other stormwater features.